Case Study - Automated Incident Management

Title: EYEfi Automated Incident Management (AIM) technology for emergency management and incident response across     Victoria's major freeways and arterials

Organisation: VicRoads - Incident Management Team (IMT)

Location: Victoria's road network, VicRoads Traffic Management Centre and Incident Management Team

Industry Segment: Road and Traffic Authorities, Road Management

Application: Automated Incident Management (AIM), visualisation of incidents, resource tracking and management, job dispatch  

Product: EYEfi Spatial Video and AIM plugin

Objective: Managing the State's road infrastructure and related projects is a major challenge for Government and commercial operators. The EYEfi Mobile (Vehicle) solution enables operators to gain instant visibility over incidents and traffic conditions, while also keeping track of their vehicles along with their personnel. In 2011 EYEfi worked closely with VicRoads to extend the capability of the system to help VicRoads with some key issues in the following areas;  

  • The workflow methodology and process of capturing incident information and dispatching and managing resources relating to the incident

  • The accuracy and completeness of data relating to incidents

  • Compliancy with the Road Act and management reporting

  • Location based information relating to the vehicles and resources servicing incidents on the road network

  • Safety of incident management personnel and the travelling public 


The incident management team operates a fleet of incident management vehicles that incorporate camera/video, GPS and communications technologies provided by EYEfi Pty Ltd.


Solution: EYEfi conducted a discovery process with key VicRoads personnel to examine current work practices, workflow and methodology, processes and procedures and the current reporting mechanisms. 

EYEfi modified the existing EYEfi Automated Incident Management (AIM) framework to specifically address the key issues identified through the discovery process, and then implemented an agreed set of new capabilities in the EYEfi AIM system plugin that would enable VicRoads with the following key functionalities;

  • Automated creation of jobs based on an in-vehicle trigger linked to the vehicle's arrow board

  • Spatial event triggers and smarts based on the vehicle's location and proximity to incidents

  • SMS based job dispatch and acknowledgment, with a catch-all feature to ensure the capture of all jobs including ad-hoc jobs

  • Automated job progress and closure indicators, incident dashboard

  • Simple management and "one-click" report generation

Outcomes: "The EYEfi system has directly enabled VicRoads to improve our productivity, efficiency and compliancy, along with added security via the cameras, of our Officers at incident sites” Steve Bevens, Team Leader (retired), Incident Response Team, VicRoads. 

With thousands of incidents automatically processed through AIM each month, the EYEfi AIM has provided a catch-all capability for the first time at VicRoads, enabling the following key outcomes;

  • Capture of ad-hoc incident data resulting in increased data accuracy/capture of up to 23%

  • Reduced the end-to-end workflow process by up to 40% (100% for ad-hoc incidents)

  • Enabled a single system-of-record for all incidents

  • Provided live and recorded vision and the location of all incidents attended

  • Significantly improved the safety of incident management personnel/drivers

  • Enabled organisation-wide visibility and access to all incident data and information

  • Integration with STREAMS (internal system) for video streams via EYEfi API

  • Future support for sharing incident data, GPS and location based information    


The EYEfi platform and technology has enabled VicRoads IMT personnel to become more productive, with clearance rates increasing due to the streamlined and automated workflow being hard-wired into the system. The driver-less approach to job creation, dispatch and closure enables the driver to entirely focus on the incident at hand, resulting in improved efficiency importantly, safety and OH&S outcomes.

VicRoads now has a clear understanding of where their incident management assets and resources are located at any given time, have clear visibility over incidents as they occur in real-time, and can easily capture all data and report on these incidents with confidence and to a high degree of accuracy. 

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