Case Study - Major Events

Title: EYEfi situational awareness technology assisting in managing crowd management at Australia’s Formula One Grand Prix

Organisation: Public Transport Victoria

Location: Albert Park - Canterbury Road and St Kilda Road, and the Traffic and Transport Control Centre

Industry segment: Major events

Application: Monitoring crowd movement and safety at key entry and exit points to venue at Formula One Grand Prix



Each year, State Government agencies and contracted organisations come together to plan and implement the traffic and transport solutions that operate to get patrons to and from the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.


The purpose of the operation is to:

  • Ensure the safety of patrons travelling to and from the F1 Grand Prix by monitoring crowd ingress and egress at key access points at the venue and;

  • Safely manage traffic and transport to and from the venue by monitoring the setup and operation of the plans.

The Australian F1GP attracts thousands of people across the four days of the event. The flexible real-time video surveillance solutions at the access points of the event allow the agencies to centrally monitor and manage situations proactively and as they arise.  



The EYEfi LTE/NextG wireless, portable surveillance camera system has been assisting the F1 Grand Prix Traffic and Transport Centre for the past six years, providing video surveillance in real-time that is fed direct to the central control room. The EYEfi system was chosen for the ability to deliver images in real-time to anywhere surveillance was required during day and night activities at the event.

Key decision makers sit together in the Traffic and Transport Control Centre, to view each camera’s video feed in real-time.

Crucial decisions are based on what they see from the cameras, so that some traffic lights, trams and infrastructure can be coordinated and adjusted in a timely and efficient manner, to best manage the attending crowds.

A number of EYEfi’s solar powered, GPS-enabled rapid deployment camera surveillance trailers are set up each year at the main entry gates located on St Kilda Rd, Lakeside Drive and Canterbury Road.

Provided by EYEfi as a fully managed service, and operating on Telstra’s LTE/NextG network, any authorised agency or remote user connected to the cloud based system can gain instant secure access to the cameras. The EYEfi maps-based software shows the exact GPS location of the devices and imagery in real-time.

The EYEfi trailers, which are deployed in just a few hours the day before the event, connect immediately to the centralized cloud system and have proven to be very effective in helping the key agencies manage crowds attending the Grand Prix Carnival.


It really provides eyes on the ground, and allows us to be there without being physically present,” said Manager of Special Events, Transport, Frank Gribi.“It also provides better vantage points.”

The agencies use the EYEfi video feeds to survey and deal with issues as they see them develop. EYEfi also provides a recording of the footage that can be used as an investigative tool.

Victoria Police Regional Traffic Advisor for the Southern Metropolitan Region, Inspector Greg Parr said, “For me it’s about outcomes, the ability to see what’s happening in real-time, as that is a true account. I don’t have to rely on hearsay. I use it to make decisions and changes in the way we manage the entry point gates. I can see for myself what’s forming, and use that information to manage something before it escalates, so that I deploy resources where they are really needed, and prioritise what is required, when and where”.

With no need for hardwiring, the portable EYEfi system can be moved or relocated very quickly, to ensure hot spots are covered for the central control room to view.

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