Case Study - Bushfire Monitoring and Asset Management

Title: EYEfi Bushfire Mitigation and Situational Awareness Technology

Stakeholders: EYEfi, Telstra and Melbourne Water - Pilot Program

System users: Melbourne Water Catcment Management personnel and fire tower operators

Industry segment: Government and Statutory Authorities 

Application: Bushfire monitoring tools enabling tower operators to work remotely on high fire danger risk days or when unsafe to work in the tower 

Product: EYEfi Spatial Video and SPARC plugin 


Objective: Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC) are a statutory authority responsible for managing some of Victoria's largest and critical water catchments and associated assets. With this, MWC has direct responsibility for bushfire planning, management and the identification of bushfires within and around the water catchments, using their network of fire towers.    

The key problem and use-case for this pilot was MWC's need to provide continuity of surveillance, detection and monitoring activity when OH&S requirements require fire towers to be unmanned during: high fire danger risk days; a fire event; after a fire event when access is dangerous; and during very high wind days. 

Solution: EYEfi Spatial Video platform and SPARC plugin provides spatial targeting technology is embedded in the cloud platform and high specification visual spectrum cameras and thermal sensors; enabling key fire personnel using these to determine the geographical location of a fire, or other point of interest, over wide areas, within seconds and without needing any other frame of reference or triangulation.


Other features include reverse geo-pointing the camera(s) to a geographical coordinates, street addresses, user camera presets or by simply clicking on a map location within the user interface to automatically view that location. 


Fire personnel using the system were able to work within the tower to augment their surveillance activities, or they and other personnel were able to access the system remotely and perform key surveillance and monitoring activities away from the fire tower.

The system also provided for continuity of surveillance, detection and monitoring activity outside operational and/or daylight hours and with the ability to see through smoke and cloud using thermal imagery and SPARC technology. 


The platform also provided automated detection and visual verification of lightning strikes, 24 x 7 - which proved useful during the pilot when lightning was present through the night and operators could simply login remotely to assess any potential impact.   

Outcomes: EYEfi and Telstra are continuing to work closely with the Victorian Government and MWC to determine the next stage of this critical deployment.

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