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EYEfi Cloud Connect:
keep an eye on all of your business - anytime, anywhere.

An end-to-end colour video surveillance solution that gives you scalability and instant, remote access.

Streamline your surveillance and enhance your security posture today

Cloud made easy with hassle-free maintenance

EYEfi Cloud Connect takes the hard work out of video surveillance, giving businesses of all sizes stress-free security 24/7. 


Say goodbye to the worry of ongoing maintenance issues, disparate systems and unpredictable costs.


Key Benefits:

  • Easy plug and play for any Axis cameras

  • Simplified installation process

  • Simple web-based app

  • No need to be tech-savvy

  • Maintenance-free solution

  • Predictable costs

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For more information, brochures and pricing please visit the Axis microsite for EYEfi Cloud Connect by clicking the image below.

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