EYEfi Pty Ltd is an electronics engineering and software development company based in Melbourne, Australia, that has developed and commercialised patented spatial targeting technology, EYEfi™ SPARC; a game-changing disruptive technology that entirely changes the way people and devices search, explore and connect with the real-world.


Through our innovative range of cloud, mobile, IoT and IP licensing products and services, EYEfi is going about fundamentally changing the intelligence gathering and situational awareness capabilities of people, devices, platforms and systems.

Our culture is well-founded on our core mission to innovate and solve real-world problems for our customers using our proprietary technology. 

Our founder and CEO, Simon Langdon, is passionate about using EYEfi's success to make a difference to our earth and its inhabitants; human and the furry four-legged kind!


For this reason we proudly and proactively support the selfless work being done by these fantastic organisations;



EYEfi is connecting the world's people and devices with the world around them, in real-time and in ways not previously possible

Simon Langdon

Founder and CEO

Simon is a tech-entrepreneur, accomplished electronics engineer and embedded coder with a high degree of commercial acumen having successfully built and commercialised many large-scale IT products throughout his 25 year career. Simon is responsible for EYEfi's vision along with the creation and commercialisation of EYEfi's products and technology, and is a global patentee. 


Simon likes to spend any free time time with family, friends and his dog (Magoo), and also pursuing his creative and musical interests. Simon wrote, produced and performed the opening theme track for the Ten Network's hit show, 'iFISH'.

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Alex Manders

IT Systems and Support

Alex is a founding team member at EYEfi, responsible for the IT engine room and product support for our customers.


Alex is also a creative type often involved in UI design, graphics and video editing activities at EYEfi. In his free time he enjoys keeping across the very latest Hollywood film releases and travelling overseas to far away places.  

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Mansoor (Mark) Naseer

Electronics Engineer

Mark is an electronics engineer working in our IIoT product development area. Mark has particularly strong skills in the areas of prototyping, electronics design, firmware development and troubleshooting, across a broad range of microprocessor platforms and associated technologies.


​Mark enjoys family and feature films, and has a keen interest in travel.

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Rosalie Langdon

Administration Manager

Rosalie is a founding employee of EYEfi and has been managing the company's accounts and back-office since the inception of the business.


Rosalie is passionate about her family and loves nothing more than to spend time exploring the beautiful Yarra Valley with her partner Geoff and their dog, Missy (pictured above!).   

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John Barham

Senior Software Engineer

John is a full-stack developer and is EYEfi's lead software developer. He has technical expertise in web application, embedded and distributed systems development using a variety of open-source and licensed software technologies.


​John likes going to the movies, spending time with family and digital photography.

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About us

Ben Dunne

Technical Advisor

Ben is based in Melbourne and provides technical advice and services relating to EYEfi's IT platforms and Industrial IoT products. Ben has a strong background in IT&T, IT services and vendor management, and has a strong mix of technical and commercial skills with a focus on customers.

Ben is an enthusiastic supporter of his local cricket club and enjoys all different types of Motorsport.

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