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Where to buy

EYEfi's Channel Partner Program (Reseller Program) enables large organisations to re-sell EYEfi technology and services to their end-customers.

EYEfi's has an indirect sales model, utilising large and suitably qualified organisations to sell our products and services direct to end-customers.


This model allows our customers to get the most affordable solution on the ground, along with installation and support services provided by our Channel Partners.  

Existing Channel Partners

Telstra Corporation Limited - Telstra is the ultimate platform for EYEfi's next generation of smart sensors and devices; combining all of our customers remote monitoring needs in one place, through the use of Eyefi Cloud's capability plugins:
•    Smart Waste - Bin management and configuration. Includes fill level analysis of waste levels in public space, bulk or skip bins to provide alerts to waste services providers, with automated collection scheduling and routing for drivers

•    Smart Drain - monitoring the water levels in roadside pits to warn response crews before inundation occurs

•    Automated Incident Management - live video, GPS tracking and incident recording for road authorities, emergency services, and incident response

•   SPARC* - remote infrastructure monitoring with spatial intelligence gathering from fixed or mobile cameras, for bushfire monitoring, marine parks, major road, and rail infrastructure.  

The EYEfi Cloud mobile friendly web app includes:


•    Automatic monitoring, alerts via email

•    Live statistics and intuitive dashboard user interface with data export 

•    Simple QR code commissioning and sensor swap-out

•    Job navigation/routing

•    EYEfi's API and suite of smart plug-in capabilities provide support for          a wide variety of applications

*EYEfi SPARC support is currently due to be added to EYEfi Cloud in the first half of 2021. Please follow our website and news releases for the very latest developments.

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