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Spatial technology that enables entirely new capabilities 

EYEfi Invests heavily in R&D every year to ensure our technology remains at the absolute cutting edge; developing patented technology to solve real-world problems for our customers


EYEfi Research and Development builds the technology and core IP that powers EYEfi's products and services, including EYEfi SPARC (Spatial Predictive Approximation and Radial Convolution) invented and developed by EYEfi's CEO, Simon Langdon.

EYEfi SPARC enables rapid automated spatial assessment of the real-world surrounds (indoors, outdoors, in the air or at sea) using any suitably capable SPARC-enabled device and without the need for any other frame of reference, to determine the exact location of any object or position of interest being observed in the real-world.

SPARC is a disruptive and foundational capability that offers entirely new levels of situational and spatial awareness for the government, enterprise, defence and consumer segments.

EYEfi develops all code, algorithms, electronics hardware, control modules, firmware and software to support EYEfi's product suite, including our latest developments such as EYEfi Sensor 3.0, SpatialEYE and GeoSleeve.

EYEfi has pure patents granted in Australia, United States of America (US patent 9,058,689 B2), Canada, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, and pending in other regions.


With SpatialEYE, you will know the location of anything you can see or point at in the real world using  (due for release in 2021)


SPARC is versatile and adaptable, enabling it to provide target acquisition and reverse geo-pointing from fixed, mobile or airborne platforms.


SPARC can leverage live video, still imagery, sensor data and other inputs to covertly (without detection) determine the location of any point or position of interest.


SPARC is available as a plugin capability within EYEFi's products or can be licensed as a cloud service, API, library or just the core algorithms.

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