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Invest in ground-breaking Industrial IoT sensor and spatial technology that fundamentally changes the way we monitor and interact with the world around us.



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Who is EYEfi?


EYEfi Group Technologies Inc. is an electronics engineering and software development company based in Melbourne, Australia that has developed and commercialized patented spatial targeting technology, EYEfi™ SPARC; a game-changing disruptive technology that entirely changes the way people and devices search, explore and connect with the real-world.

EYEfi listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE:EGTI) on the 4th of December 2020 at $0.08 and is currently trading at $0.59. EYEfi Shares are also available for trading on the OTC markets (USOTC:EGTFF).

EYEfi has a growing sales pipeline of more than $35,000,000 in Australia alone, with enormous growth potential in the U.S. and AsiaPac markets being entered in 2021/22.

Who are EYEfi's existing Channel Partners (Resellers)?


Telstra has licensed EYEfi's Spatial technology to provide asset management, emergency management and incident response capabilities to government and emergency services organisations.


Telstra, as Australia's largest telecommunications company, provides EYEfi with sales, marketing and delivery reach to thousands of government and enterprise customers Australia-wide.


Telstra's EYEfi products can be found here.


Fujitsu is an EYEfi customer, technology partner and also an IoT Alliance Australia Workstream project partner.


Fujitsu has productised EYEfi's IIoT product suite and provides EYEfi with sales, marketing and delivery capabilities to thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand.


Fujitsu's EYEfi products can be found here.  

What is EYEfi's business model? 


EYEfi works with large brand name channel partners (Resellers) who utilise EYEfi's products and technologies within their organisations, and/or on-sell these to their customers. This model enables EYEfi to run an efficient operation by leveraging our partner's sales and delivery capabilities within our target regions and markets.

EYEfi generates revenue from the sale of its hardware and cloud platform subscriptions - a typical Software as a Service (SaaS) commercial model.

EYEfi has invested millions of dollars in building scalable technology that unlocks high margins and income. We build it once, and sell it many times!

What is the investment opportunity in EYEfi?


EYEfi presents a sophisticated and proven tech-venture business investment, offering:

  • Existing customer base with a rapidly growing sales pipeline of opportunities ($35,000,000 pipeline in Australia)

  • Large brand-name distribution channel partners that have ten's of thousands of target customers

  • Proven and globally patented technology (existing) with un-tapped IP licensing potential

  • Experienced Board and Management team to successfully guide the company's growth

EYEfi is preparing to enter the US market where its disruptive technology has the opportunity to create significant returns through the sale of its products and the licensing of our SPARC technology with manufacturers of UAV's, Autonomous Vehicles, Smartphones along with all of the major social media and cloud based platform providers.

What does EYEfi do that's special?


EYEfi has developed a cutting edge, problem solving technology called EYEfi SPARC - a disruptive and foundational capability that offers entirely new levels of situational and spatial awareness for the government, enterprise, defence and consumer segments.

EYEfi SPARC determines the location of anything you can see or point at in the real world and in real-time, using cameras from Smartphones, drones/UAV's, autonomous vehicles, mobile or fixed.


What Products does EYEfi sell?

EYEfi Cloud Brochure.png

EYEfi Cloud

Innovative and simple to use mobile friendly web app for remote monitoring, intelligence gathering and situational awareness, from fixed, mobile, airborne and wearable technologies.

Smart Waste Brochure.png

Smart Waste

Waste bin management providing fill level analysis of public space, bulk or skip bins. Provides alerts to waste services providers, with automated collection scheduling and routing for drivers.

Smart Drain Brochure.png

Smart Drain

Monitoring of water levels in roadside storm water pits to warn response crews before flooding events occur. Proactive analysis means crews only inspect the pits that require maintenance.

Automated Incident Management Brochure.png


Automated Incident Management provides live video, GPS tracking and incident recording for road authorities, emergency services and incident response.

SPARC Case Study.png


Know the geographical location of anything you can see in the real-world, by simply pointing a camera (fixed, mobile, airborne or Smartphone).

Who can use EYEfi's SPARC technolgy?


EYEfi's core technology can be licensed as a downloadable software library (outside of our core product suite), which can be embedded in devices and cloud platforms, to unlock entirely new spatial capabilities for other organisations and the software developer community.


This provides EYEfi with an opportunity to generate significant subscription income, from previously untapped market segments and with high margin/low delivery costs.

Here are just some of the industries and technology segments that could benefit tremendously from the SPARC technology:

  • Autonomous Vehicle manufacturers 

  • Drone and UAV manufacturers

  • Smartphone manufacturers 

  • Med-tech companies

  • Government and Emergency Services organisations

  • Social media companies

  • Cloud service providers and search/mapping companies

  • Application developers, and software developers  

Through the licensing of EYEfi's core technology (Typical SaaS style model),  to technology vendors, developers and end-customers can unlock entirely new spatial capabilities within their existing products, while EYEfi gains access to a much greater market (including the consumer market) without having to develop specific products to address these opportunities. 

What is EYEfi's main business objective over

the next 3 years?


EYEfi is expecting significant growth over the next 3 years, through the meticulous execution of our

business model and plans:

  • Continue to solve problems for our customers using our foundational and disruptive technology

  • Grow our business and our team in Australia

  • Continue to secure large Resellers in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Asia and Europe

  • Establish a point of presence in each of our target regions, to support our partners and customers

  • Grow our revenues, income, market cap and shareholder value 

Investor Section

EYEfi Investor Information


EYEfi encourages prospective investors and brokers to review the following information in detail, and to register your interest in a business briefing and the investment opportunity.

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Copyright © 2021 EYEfi Group Technologies Inc. EYEfi SPARC PCT patented, inc. US patent 9,058,689 B2.

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