EYEfi News - 1 October 2015 

EYEfi has launched EYEfi® smart sensors - an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technology to save on both the cost and collection times associated with waste and container level management. 


The City of Melbourne are the first city council in Australia to adopt the sensor technology, which will help significantly reduce the overflow of waste for Melbourne’s street bins.


Through the use of innovative wireless sensors and cloud-based technology, the automatic monitoring of bins provides timely details of when they are full and enables optimal route planning for collections; saving on collection times, transportation costs and ensuring unsightly overflowing bins are a thing of the past.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said Melbourne’s street bins collected 4800 tonnes of waste every year and keeping them below capacity at all times could be a challenge, especially during events and busier times of the year. “Overflowing bins are a terrible look for our city. Our street bins are emptied daily but if a bin is full by 8.30 in the morning, it’s impossible for us to know about it,” the Lord Mayor said. “These sensors will send an alert back to base when a bin hits 70 per cent capacity so it can be emptied within the hour. We’ll be installing 50 of these sensors in existing street bins in September for a two-year trial.”

Chair of the City of Melbourne’s Environment Portfolio, Cr Arron Wood said the City of Melbourne was one of the first in Australia to use this type of sensor technology. “We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to better manage waste, and this is one example where we’re ahead of the game.”

EYEfi provides customers the opportunity to combine all of their remote monitoring needs within the one cloud platform, including EYEfi GPS-enabled smart cameras, weather data, video analytics and EYEfi’s powerful spatial intelligence gathering capabilities.

CEO and founder, Simon Langdon said, “EYEfi's smart sensors are an exciting addition to EYEfi’s product suite. We believe EYEfi smart sensors will provide a tremendous opportunity for EYEfi to lead the transformation of the industrial IoT industry as we continue to provide innovative and problem solving solutions to our customers.


EYEfi is a Melbourne-based tech-SME focused on “connecting the world’s people and devices with the world around them” - fundamentally changing the way we discover, monitor and connect with information about our real-world extended surroundings.

EYEfi’s patented spatial technology powers its cloud and Smartphone products, providing enhanced situational awareness and intelligence gathering capabilities for government, defence, industry and consumer customers.

A demo of EYEfi’s smart sensors solution will be available at the Melbourne Waste Expo on 7 + 8 October- stand D9. For details visit: www.wasteexpo.com.au