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EYEfi's products are solving real-world problems for our customers, in ways not previously possible

Telstra has licensed EYEfi's Spatial Video Platform to provide asset management, emergency management and incident response capabilities to government and emergency services organisations   

VicRoads uses EYEfi's

technology to help manage thousands of incidents per month on Victoria's road network, utilizing live HD video and GPS tracking from incident management


Melbourne Water is working closely with EYEfi and has several EYEfi sensor and camera sites that provide remote monitoring of

lightning, bush fires and weather conditions 

within Melbourne's water catchments

Downer is an EYEfi customer and partner, working with EYEfi to deploy our IIoT technologies into new and exciting applications.

Downer is also an IoT Alliance Australia Workstream partner. 

Fujitsu is an EYEfi customer, technology partner and also an IoT Alliance Australia Workstream project partner. 

The early and precise detection of fires enables firefighters and Incident Controllers to rapidly mobilise resources, inform the community, and mount a significant initial attack. In addition, effective firefighting requires ongoing timely and accurate intelligence… The options for, and capacity of, technology that can supplement lookout personnel are increasing. EYEfi SPARC, for example, enables users logged into the system to identify the location of a fire quickly using a single camera…

Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission - Final Report​

Hills is one of Australia's largest providers of CCTV and  Security equipment. As an EYEfi supplier, Hills are supporting EYEfi and our customers with the very latest cameras and associated   equipment   

Axis is the market leader in IP network video cameras. EYEfi is an Axis Development Partner working very closely with Axis regarding the integration of our applications and the customisation and development of Axis cameras 

NetModule's industrial router series are ideal for rugged and remote monitoring applications. EYEfi has developed purpose- built custom software for NetModule's wireless routers to support low-latency video streaming and camera control from EYEfi mobile and permanent sites.   

The City of Melbourne use EYEfi’s smart waste solution to provide real-time information and alerts regarding waste levels in public space bins.        

A.E. Tilley are a New Zealand company that specialises in the design and manufacture of sheet metal components and products. The company is an EYEfi Partner for our EYEfi Sensor II product, and also a supplier to EYEfi of custom brackets and installation components.