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Smart Drain: 
risk of flooding from overflows in
stormwater drains

This EYEfi Cloud capability plug-in monitors water levels in roadside pits and stormwater drains, to warn response crews before flooding occurs. 

Know how your stormwater network is performing as expected and reduce the risk of costly inundation events occurring


Networked ultrasonic smart sensors, cloud technology and software developed by EYEfi, monitor drains in real-time to provide alerts to maintenance teams about blockages and rising water.


Key Benefits:

  • Monitors the water levels in roadside pits/drains and provides near real-time alerts to operational crews

  • Provides early warning and risk mitigation against floods and inundation events

  • Saves time for operational crew and removes the need for physical periodic pit inspections​


  • Provides visibility over network performance and points to where blockages may occur

  • Prevents drains flooding - enabling deployment of operational teams before a blocked drain causes complications


  • Easy to use cloud and mobile app, featuring easy to follow dashboard, statistics and live notifications


  • Powerful API allows 3rd party applications to analyse system data for significantly improved network planning, dimensioning, design and maintenance  

  • Easy to install

Yarra Ranges Mayor, Len Cox, says this is the first time the technology had been used in stormwater pits in Australia:

"Many of our stormwater pits, especially those in flood prone areas could be checked daily or several times per day.  This technology informs us quickly that there is a blockage so we can send someone there immediately and have it removed and cleaned before further flooding and complications arise." 

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