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Smart Waste:
innovative waste technology for smarter, cleaner cities. 

Internet-connected smart sensor devices are starting to transform the world of waste and asset management for the better.

Know how your waste network is performing and save on collection costs with EYEfi Cloud Smart Waste


EYEfi's Smart Waste (EYEfi Cloud plugin) provides a sustainable solution to better manage waste in busy urban areas or parks: sensors in street bins automatically monitor bin fill levels, using ultrasonic sensors and the cloud-based application.


The Smart Waste system enables collectors to empty bins on demand before they overflow.


Key Benefits:

  • Prevents unnecessary collections and overflowing bins

  • EYEfi solution tells you when and where to collect the right containers at the right time

  • Improves fleet utilisation and saves on collection costs

  • Provides entirely new data and intelligence for customers on their bin networks​​ - a transparent window into every bin 


  • Improves performance and efficiency of the bin network and waste collections


  • The system generates dynamic data on fill rates, fill profiles and other key metrics that helps ensure bins are positioned in the best locations to service demand​


  • Sensors can also be optioned with GPS and are ideal for public space bins and various sized rear-lift and front-lift commercial bins


  • Easy to use cloud and mobile app, featuring easy to follow dashboard, statistics and live notifications


  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) allows 3rd party applications to communicate with EYEfi Cloud and analyse system data for significantly improved network planning, dimensioning, design and maintenance  

  • Easy to install

Fujitsu Head of Emerging Technologies Portfolio, Sundar Viswanathan, gives details on the IIoT technology at Fujitsu:

 “Delivering on our commitment to building a sustainable future through smart communities, we’ve collaborated with EYEfi to develop innovative Smart Drain and Smart Waste solutions. They will now become part of our Emerging Technologies business. We believe, innovative solutions like these will drive Australia’s future growth and increase the productivity of its industries,” Sundar says.

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