Situational awareness technology for government and industry

The right information to the right person at the right time.


NOTE: EYEfi Spatial Video Platform (private cloud application is End of Life.

The AIM capability has been updated and is now available in EYEfi Cloud, and the SPARC features will be available in Dec 2020 (TBA)


EYEfi Cloud is our single platform for remote sensing, intelligence gathering and situational awareness.


Spatial Video (legacy) 

EYEfi Spatial Video (ESV) is a situational awareness platform that provides users with real-time intelligence gathered from fixed, mobile and airborne cameras, sensors, telemetry and meteorological equipment.  


ESV has an intuitive maps-based user interface, EYEfi Navigator, that provides users with ease of navigation and control over field equipment and associated information and includes a suite of optional ‘smart plugin’ capabilities.


ESV is a shared system that enables multiple customers and authorised users to control and share camera streams, sensor, environmental and spatial data; providing entirely new levels of intelligence gathering, situational awareness and collaboration across multiple stakeholders.




Tower, vehicle, portable, airborne 

Situational awareness from where you need it



HD video, GPS, weather, lightning, spatial, plume, video analytics 

Tools and spatial data for better decision making 



Powered by renewable energy 

Intelligence gathering from the most remote areas using solar power, fixed or wireless public or private networks


EYEfi's Simon Langdon on the ABC New Inventors (2009)   
Powerful images captured by EYEfi on Black Saturday (2009)   
VicRoads Incident Management on Nine News
See the Case Study to learn how EYEfi's technology is used to manage incidents across Victoria's road network   

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