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EYEfi's Channel Partner Program (Reseller Program) allows suitably qualified organisations to onsell EYEfi's products and services.

EYEfi utilises an indirect sales model. We sell our products and services via suitably qualified Channel Partners (CP's), who provide EYEfi's products and services to their end-customers, along with local installation and support. This ensures our end-customers gain access to EYEfi's products and services in the most affordable and efficient manner. 

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Channel Partner, or, if you are a prospective end-customer then please contact us here and we will be happy to assist you.

Telstra is an EYEfi CP who offers EYEfi Cloud, AIM and SPARC capabilities for asset management, emergency management and incident response applications to government and emergency services organisations   

Fujitsu is an EYEfi CP who offers our EYEfi Cloud and EYEfi Sensor, Smart Waste and Smart Drain products and services to government and large enterprise customers. 

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